Destefanis Winery, Wine from Fourth Generations

Destefanis Winery, Wine from Fourth Generations

Michele Destefanis, Patriarch

Michele Destefanis was born in 1860 in “Madonna dei Cavalli” where he lives and works with the family, the brothers producing peaches, grapes, wine and breeding calves.
The inconvenience of the road between Madonna horses and the main one leading to Canale, Alba, Asti, means that Michele, witty man of intuition, buy a plot of 20,000 square meters to a Jewish family in the plain of Valpone, where now stands the ‘current Cantina Destefanis. In 1910 he built the house with cellar and barn alongside the provincial road Canale/San Damiano d’ Asti. Michele, in his new company Valpone , continues his work, then moved on to his children Federico and Bernardo said ” Ricu ”, when pondering well the production and marketing of peaches and wine.

Postwar period and Economic Boom

In the forties Ricu was taken prisoner and taken to Germany, where he remained for two years. From that ” painful journey ” he returned with the poor health and the company to be restored. These are the years 50 and there is a lot of work in all sectors. Even families are organized. It spreads the custom to obtain stocks of wine throughout the year ; then the wine had to be delivered before Easter because the Easter Monday with the moon phase right bottle and then … it was only right to party ! Before such request, Ricu buy a van to deliver the wine at home in barrels and carboys. Suddenly Ricu dead at the age of 61 years and the young son Lino of 22 years old, the port forward assisted by family members.There are Economic boom’s years, the customers changes, arise many bars, pizzerias and restaurants , the Which require bottled wine. Lino equip the basement to be able to bottle and label, wine delivery service in carboys, bottles and pintoni. In rural Replaces peach orchards in vineyards.

Two thousand Years

Come the new millennium and reach the Euro, the world of Italian wine faces a new era and new challenges. Also cellars, which in a few years, major changes in distribution, must face new choices. In 1999/2000 Federico, the son of Lino, joined the company and began to support the parents in winery, following the family tradition and entering gradually changes needed to the new perspectives of quality and distribution. Expands the vineyards and equips cellar with bottler for barrels of wine and more advanced technologies to blockade and vinification. A new challenge awaits the cellar: to know and share Roero Wine to new consumers across national borders, the world “has learned” to appreciate the quality of Italian wines, it’s time to appreciate Wine Destefanis Cellar

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Michele Destefanis


Federico Destefanis
Lino’s father and Federico’s grandfather


Lino Destefanis
Destefanis Winery’s Owner

Federico Destefanis
Destefanis Winery’s Hold